Friday, January 30, 2009

Shota Shimizu - 「Ashiteru」(I Love You)

「Ashiteru」(I Love You) is JPop R&B newcomer Shota Shimizu's 2nd single . This song was released last June on 4th & it's Shota's most successful single to date , in terms of chart & sales positions wise .

This soon to be 20 year old has been dubbed the next Ken Hirai due to the same genres of music that both guys are doing & ironically both Shota & Ken were born in Osaka too .

Shota made his debut last Feb 20th with his 1st single HOME & 「Ashiteru」was the 1st song I have heard of him when the video was playing on loop non stop at MTV Asia & MTV China .

It's easy to see why this song has done so well for him as it's a really sweet R&B ballad & it's real catchy as each listen goes by .

However unlike Ken , I feel that Shota doesn't sound that well when comes to upbeat R&B no.s although he did a pretty neat job covering Ben E. King's STAND BY ME which's 1 of the 2 B-sides available in 「Ashiteru」 & also I did gave his debut album Umbrella a listen & just like Aoyama Thelma's debut album DIARY , a lot of the album tracks in Umbrella tend to sound the same & as such , a lot of his material found in Umbrella seem unable to carve a niche on its own which's quite a pity .

I guess that's the problem I have came across when I listened to albums that're put out by full blown R&B JPop artistes in that a lot of the album tracks tend to sound the same if not similar to the singles counterparts which's a challenge for R&B artistes in this aspect .

Shota hasn't released anything as of now for 2009 & hopefully a new single will follow suit in due time . I'm sure he can go pretty far , it's only a matter of finding his own niche area & from there on , I hope he can be successful in that aspect .

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


RESCUE is KAT-TUN's 10th single . It's set for a 11th March release & it will be released exactly a month later after their 9th single ONE DROP .

The main A-side is currently being used as the theme song for band member Nakamaru Yuichi & NEWS's Masuda Takahisa's brand new drama of the same name titled RESCUE - Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai .

Oh man there's no stopping the guys at the rate that they're pumping out single releases by the masses & in comes another fantastic song that they have delivered after the full version of RESCUE was aired on Nakamaru & Ueda Tatsuya's radio show R-One .

My 1st impression after hearing the full version of RESCUE is that it sounded a bit like GOLD in that both songs sound very futuristic except in RESCUE's case , it's not really an almost full blown Eng song like GOLD .

I like the beginning of RESCUE where Tanaka was saying a few phrases in English that I can understand as his dictation's there before the song subsequently leashed out in full swing .

My fave part of RESCUE is when Tanaka & Nakamaru rap & beatbox respectively in the midst of the tune which's awesome & I do think that the song fits the drama perfectly to a tee .

The lyrics for RESCUE are great as well . I think it fits the whole theme for the drama very very well for that matter .

7 DAYS BATTLE & On Your Mind -Please come back to me- will serve as B-sides in the single in which On Your Mind -Please come back to me- will only be available in the 1st press CD only of the single .

On Your Mind -Please come back to me- is an interesting title because it's an answer call of sorts to On My Mind which's the 2nd B-side in ONE DROP . While for 7 DAYS BATTLE , it's a song related to the guys's 7 Days in Tokyo Dome Concerts which will be taking place this coming May .

Guess this explains the back to back releases of their singles & their upcoming tour is going to be bigger & better than last year with them playing concerts for a full straight week which already break their own record after last year's tour at the Tokyo Dome which was 4 days .

So I wouldn't be surprised if there will be upcoming news on the release of their 4th & 3rd overall original album that might be out in due time to concide with their upcoming tour .

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CD Review :: Koda Kumi - TRICK

CD Only Cover :

CD + 2 DVDs Cover :

Tracklist :

3) show girl
4) Your Love
5) stay with me
6) This is not a love song
7) Driving
8) Bling Bling Bling Feat AK-69
9) That Ain't Cool Feat Fergie
10) Hurry Up !
11) Moon Crying
13) Joyful
14) Ai no Kotoba (Words Of Love)
15) Venus (First Press CD + 2 DVDs Track)

TRICK is Koda Kumi's 7th studio album . It's scheduled to be released tomorrow in 2 different formats & this new album release of Koda comes in shy of almost a year since the release of her last studio album Kingdom .

3 singles make the cut in TRICK in which 2 songs are found in Koda's 40th single MOON . The 2 songs which made the cut in TRICK are also the ones which received their own music videos in MOON unlike the other 2/3 songs in the single .

Not to forget , 2 album tracks on TRICK received their own music videos respectively .

INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK is the only short song/introduction in TRICK & this's 1 seriously smoking R&B song which perfectly set the tone for what you roughly should expect when you begin to listen the album .

This new interlude of Koda is so much better in all musical aspects as compared to Introduction For Kingdom which unfortunately I found it to be really dull . I do hope to see a full version for INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK that hopefully will materialise in her future next album .

TABOO is Koda's 41st single release & it's also her 5th #1 single . It's great to see TABOO being slotted in as track 2 in TRICK right after INTRODUCTION FOR TRICK as the sound transition's there .

Also I feel TABOO's 1 of the best Koda singles that she has released in her music career so far & also it's no doubt 1 of the most catchiest singles that was released last year in Japan which's awesome .

When the song was 1st released , it was & is still seriously addictive . So much so that I had the song on repeat mode for the whole week after the single's release date .

show girl is the 1st album track & it's also the 1st song on TRICK to receive its own music video & it's easy to see why it deserves so .

I just like the whole package of show girl . From the sound , the lyrics , the video , to the beat , it's just perfect . Some people have said that show girl sounds a bit like Run For Your Life but personally I can't tell or should I say hear the similarities at all so I leave it as it's but show girl's definitely 1 of the album highlights in TRICK .

Your Love is the 1st ballad track in TRICK , album wise . I reviewed this song a while back ago separately from the masses & here I'm to talk about the song again .

I like this song , I really do . I feel that it sounded a bit like TABOO's B-side Always & you can't deny that it's a sweet song .

stay with me is Koda's 42nd single & her 6th #1 single , making it the 1st time in her career to have 2 #1 singles back to back & also to be included in an album too .

Her official site described the song as a 'winter love ballad' & naturally past winter inspired ballads like Ai no Uta , Yume no Uta / Futari de ... , you will come to your mind if you're a fan of hers .

I like her ballads & even though stay with me wasn't grabbing on 1st listen , the song began to warm up to me as each listen goes by . That also goes for her past winter inspired ballads like Ai no Uta .

After 2 ballads back to back , This is not a love song comes into the pic . With a weird song title like that , I wasn't expecting that much when I 1st listened to it . I was very surprised on 1st listen because in this no. , she delivered a song that place a great emphasis on the R&B and synth factor .

This is not a love song does get a bit creepy as the background vocals feature her laughing & etc but I suppose that's how she wanted the song to sound as such .

Driving is track #7 & it's also another song that I reviewed a while back ago alongside with show girl . This's 1 of my fave album tracks on TRICK as it's a catchy piece of no. that's heavy on the synth factor & it sounds better as each listen goes by .

It's not as heavily synthesised like This is not a love song but still both tracks are equally good in their own right . It's a pity that Driving didn't get a music video of its own as I feel it's 1 of the more prominent & strong album tracks found in TRICK .

Bling Bling Bling feat AK-69 is the 1st song on TRICK to feature guest vocals & I said a while back ago when I reviewed this song separately in that it sounded way too similar to Fergie's London Bridge & I still think it does .

It does get a bit repetitive in due time but I can pardon Koda on that as between Bling Bling Bling & London Bridge , I will choose the former .

& speaking of Fergie , in comes That Ain't Cool which's track #2 on Koda's 40th single MOON . It's frankly no secret that this's my least fave track on MOON & it doesn't help that the video was just weird on all levels & it should have been credited as Fergie feat Koda Kumi instead of the opposite as I tend to hear more of Fergie's vocals rather than Koda on this no. .

However in terms of sound consistency there , it's still there for both songs . At least I understand why both songs are put together side by side with each other .

Hurry Up ! is track #10 & my 1st impression of the song when I heard it was that it's probably something that Anna Tsuchiya might come up with as with regards to her 3rd album NUDY SHOW ! which has a more diverse sound but in anycase , Koda's able to execute with style in this really dancey R&B piece of tune .

Moon Crying is track #1 in Koda's 40th single & it's probably 1 of the more depressing ballads that she has delivered in recent times . Most of the live performances that she did when performing this song , she always tend to shed a few tears here & there . If not she will be holding back her tears which proved otherwise .

My point's , the song's something that will definitely tug your heart in more ways than other when you hear Moon Crying for sure .

JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is the 2nd album track to receive its own music video & compared to Moon Crying , the mood is strikingly different as JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is a really cheery piece of work .

I really like the finger clapping & violin going on in JUST THE WAY YOU ARE for that matter .

Joyful follows after JUST THE WAY YOU ARE & it's also another cheery no. that somehow is Christmas inspired due to the music that's going on in the song .

It's a less hyper version of Wonderland & it does bear similarities to her other happy go lucky tunes like Birthday Eve , WIND except in this case , Joyful sounds more mature as compared to its other 2 songs counterparts .

Ai no Kotoba (Words Of Love) is the last ballad on TRICK & this's 1 really powerful ballad that Koda delivered . It doesn't match up the greatness of Yume no Uta but this's some serious good stuff .

I guess out of all the ballads that make the cut in TRICK , Ai no Kotoba has to be my fave outta the bunch .

Only available in as a first press CD + 2 DVDs track is a full Eng version of Venus . It's actually a cover of Shocking Blue's & Koda's version of the song was 1st heard in a Gillette advertisement which she endorsed a while back ago .

Unfortunately as my worst fears were confirmed , the song's just blah . I never heard the original done by Shocking Blue but I just cannot make out as to what Koda's singing in Venus , ok a little bit here & there but still this's bad .

Somehow now , the full Eng version of Twinkle ! that she did in Black Cherry doesn't seem to sound bad at this point in time . I guess the only saving grace for Venus is the music which I like as it's very heavy on the synth factor .

Too bad the lyrics & the music of Venus somewhat weren't able to gel together real well which's a pity & no surprises this's the weak link in TRICK , album track wise .

Having said that if there were to be a full version of Introduction To Kingdom which I hope that wouldn't happen , I gladly pick the Eng version of Venus over than the former .

It's unfortunate that she choose to cover a full Eng song done by Shocking Blue cos I figure it probably will sound way better if she were to cover Venus by Tackey & Tsubasa because personally , I would LOVE to hear her own rendition of the 2 T's best selling single to date . I think that will be something really awesome .

After the somewhat disappointment that's of Kingdom , I'm really glad to see Koda stepping up her game musically & then some in her latest album offering TRICK .

This time round to me , the album tracks are really solid & they managed to sound on par if not more superior than its singles counterparts . You definitely can tell the musical growth & sound transition are there in TRICK if you compared that to Kingdom .

Also TRICK managed to cover quite a few range of music genres that she didn't venture before , such as electropop , dance & synth & somehow she managed to pull such tracks pretty well in the form of Driving , This is not a love song & Hurry Up !

Koda Kumi has dug into her bag of tricks & this time round , she has managed to carve out a solid album in its own right .

A great album to start off 2009 & in the words of magician Monsieur Pierr (just download
Utaban & you know what I'm talking about) , Tres bien indeed .

KinKi Kids - Yume ha Jimehana (Dream Beginning Flower) , Loving & Tabidachi no Hi [Sunday's Road] (Yakusoku's B-sides)

CD Only Regular Edition Cover :

CD Only Limited Edition Cover :

Yume ha Jimehana (Dream Beginning Flower) , Loving & Tabidachi no Hi (Sunday's Road) are 3 B-sides found in KinKi Kids's 28th single Yakusoku which will be released tomorrow .

I love Yume ha Jimehana on 1st listen simply because the melody enchanted me a lot . It boosts of a flute in the music background & I like that it's so simple & no frills .

Besides it's a less depressing version of Yakusoku . Out of the 3 B-sides in the duo's single , I personally feel this's the best out of the whole lot & the way that Koichi & Tsuyoshi's vocals harmonise together , it's perfect .

Loving is only found in the regular edition of the single & for a B-side , it's not bad really at all . It's a mid tempo ballad & what kept me in enjoying Loving was the way the song presented itself to be sweet & enduring .

The tinkling of the piano in Loving is also very nice as well .

Only found in the limited edition of Yakusoku is Tabidachi no Hi which's also the longest track on the single at 6:07 mins . I don't know is it because of the duration of the song but this's my least fave B-side outta the 3 .

I find the song a bit boring for my liking & I suppose what saves the song from becoming a somewhat filler track was the guys's vocals & also the music which managed to make me sit up for a while .

I suppose if Tabidachi no Hi wasn't so long , I would have like it a bit more but I must admit this's 1 B-side that's growing on me on every listen I hear , kinda reminded me of a less boring version of their 26th single Eien ni .

There's really no stopping 1 of the most respected Senpai's in Johnny & Associates if you ask me . KinKi Kids has really outdone themselves this time round with Yakusoku .

Just when I thought Secret Code was fantastic on whole , they have stepped things up musically with Yakusoku & it was mentioned on last Fri's MUSIC STATION in that their new single release sees them going back to the roots of their debut single Glass no Shounen in which I have to agree with that .

GReeeeN - Ano Koro Kara [Since That] (Ayumi's B-side)

Ano Koro Kara (Since That) is the B-side that's found in GReeeeN's 9th single Ayumi which's scheduled to be released tomorrow & interestingly , both the A & B-sides start with the alphabet 'A' .

I was very surprised when I 1st heard Ano Koro Kara as the song began with a rather more harder rock sound with a splash of synth thrown in for good measure & as such , it's quite different from the usual material that GReeeeN been dishing out of late .

But I have to say that it balances & contrasts itself very well from Ayumi as they're both different from the other part of the spectrum & it does catchy as each listen goes by .

Overall GReeeeN's new single's another neat package that the guys have delivered after Tobira & there're rumours going on that their 10th single Setsuna is set for a 11th March release :O & the song's currently used to promote the dodrama VOICE which stars Ikuta Toma among others .

No word on whether is that piece of news true or not so stay tuned to find out more updates on this aspect .

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Yano Kenta starring Ohno Satoshi - Kumori Nochi , Kaisei (After Sunny , Sunny)

Kumori Nochi , Kaisei(After Sunny , Sunny) is the 2nd A-side of ARASHI's 25th single Believe / Kumori Nochi , Kaisei which's set for a 4th March release .

This song is credited as Yano Kenta starring Ohno Satoshi in the single credits due to 2 very simple reasons :

1) It's the group leader Ohno Satoshi's solo song
2) The song is served as the opening theme song for Ohno's brand new drama Uta no Onii-san (Singing Brother)

For the 1st time in ARASHI's single discography , they have released a double a-side single in which 1 of the A-side is a full solo song done by 1 of its members & the honours have been handled to Ohno to fufil this criteria .

& interestingly , just like Believe , Kumori Nochi , Kaisei will be getting a music video of its own .

Band member Ninomiya Kazunari recently played the full version of Kumori Nochi , Kaisei on his radio show Baystorm & I just love the whole feeling of Kumori Nochi , Kaisei .

I always have like Ohno's songs since the group began incorporating them into their studio albums from their 5th albm One til most recently Dream"A"live as he's no doubt the best singer/dancer in the group & this time round , Ohno doesn't disappoint me again .

Kumori Nochi , Kaisei's a great upbeat cheery solo song & Ohno has done himself a great job pulling such a fun catchy solo song on its own & in due time , you will find yourself humming around to the song

His past solo songs have been on the dark & somewhat moody side as evident in Take me faraway & Song for me & for Kumori Nochi , Kaisei to come along , it's such a great refreshing change on Ohno's part which's awesome .

Tobira (Door) , which only will be found in the CD only edition of the single will be reviewed in due time .

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mika Nakashima - GAME

GAME is a new song taken from Mika Nakashima's 2nd compliation album NO MORE RULES. . This song , alongside with 14 other songs in NO MORE RULES. , are all used to promote the cosmetic line Kanebo Kate Cosmetics in its advertisements in which Mika's a spokesperson for the company .

Mika's 2nd compliation album NO MORE RULES. is scheduled for a 4th March release & GAME received its own music video in which it made its premiere on Japan TV officially from yesterday onwards .

My 1st impression of the song when I heard it ? It's really catchy & brings back to what Mika does best , ie. jpop with a smooth touch of her classic signature jazz sound .

It does reminded me of other songs of hers that were used to promote Kanebo Kate such as BLACK & BLUE and DANCE WITH THE DEVIL , only that it sounds a bit more edgier & it has more bite than its other 2 counterparts .

Definitely a great song to kick off such an unique compliation of album of Mika & GAME really rocks & I just love that the song even better as each listen goes by .

Friday, January 23, 2009

Mika Nakashima - NO MORE RULES. Album Details

CD Tracklist :

2) Love Addict
8) Kumo No Ito (Spider's Web)
9) Venus in The Dark
11) conFusiOn
15) FAKE

DVD Tracklist :

1) (TV-CM) 15TITLE
3) Love Addict
7) Venus in The Dark
10) BLOOD (Live)
11) FAKE

NO MORE RULES. is Mika Nakashima's 2nd compliation album & it's scheduled for a 4th March release . It's her 1st compliation release since 2005's BEST .

Her new compliation album comprises of 15 songs which 1 of them is a brand new song titled GAME which will be getting a music video of its own .

All the songs were used in TV ads of Kanebo Kate Cosmetics in which Mika's the spokeswoman for the cosmetic company .

Because this album is released based on the high-fidelity Blu-spec CD format , it's said that only 50,000 copies will be printed to be sold .

This's an interesting compliation album release I would say considering that I didn't know 15 songs of Mika's works are all used to promote Kanebo Kate Cosmetics . I'm not familiar with her older works as I started to listen from THE END & YES onwards & as such it's great to see tracks like BLACK & BLUE , DANCE WITH THE DEVIL , IT'S TOO LATE , BLOOD & ISOLATION making the cut on NO MORE RULES .

Because of GAME , I will review the song separately in due time being a new song & all .

NO MORE RULES. will be released on 4th March & be sure to get your copy in due time when it's out !

KAT-TUN - ONE DROP Single Covers

CD Only Regular Edition Cover :

CD Only Limited Edition Cover :

CD + DVD Cover :

Johnny's net has officially uploaded the covers for KAT-TUN's upcoming 9th single ONE DROP on their website .

It's very erm purple & kinda different from what I expected it to be although I wonder how come outta the 6 , Akanishi seems to be the only one wearing fur ?

If I have to pick a fave between the 3 covers , I say the 1st Press CD Only is my fave followed by the CD + DVD's . I can't even make out the words with regards to the regular CD only edition :S but having said that I like the font that's being used .

ONE DROP is scheduled for a Feb 11th release so be sure to get your copy or 2 or 3 in due time !

In the video , 6 limousines can be seen in which you can see each individual's initals & month/day of birth on the carplates :

Kamenashi: KK-223
Akanishi: AJ-704
Taguchi: TJ-1129
Tanaka: TK-115
Ueda: UT-104
Nakamaru: NY-904

So next time you watch the ONE DROP PV , be sure to keep your eyes peeled out for this interesting tidbit fact .

Thursday, January 22, 2009

KAT-TUN - RESCUE Single Details

KAT-TUN/Rescue[w/ DVD, Limited Edition] CDA
1600 yen US$18/89.87 Release Date:2009/03/11
Description:Single release from KAT-TUN featuring the theme to TV series "RESCUE - Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai" starring Yuichi Nakamaru. Limited edition includes two tracks "RESCUE," untitled song A, and bonus DVD with music video & making-of footage of the track "RESCUE.." Features alternate jacket artwork. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.
KAT-TUN/Rescue[Regular Edition (First Press)] CDA
1143 yen US$13/89.87 Release Date:2009/03/11
Description:Single release from KAT-TUN featuring the theme to TV series "RESCUE - Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai" starring Yuichi Nakamaru. Includes three tracks "RESCUE," untitled song A, and untitled song B. Features alternate jacket artwork.
KAT-TUN/Rescue[Regular Edition] CDA
952 yen US$11/89.87 Release Date:2009/03/11
Description:Single release from KAT-TUN featuring the theme to TV series "RESCUE - Tokubetsu Kodo Kyujotai" starring Yuichi Nakamaru. Includes four tracks "RESCUE," untitled song A, and karaoke version of the two tracks. Features alternate jacket artwork.

Received this from CDJapan earlier on & OMG KAT-TUN's sure pumping out singles on a monthly basis :O .

ONE DROP is not scheduled to be released til 11th next month but before that happens , in comes the guys's 10th single release RESCUE which the song will be used as the theme song for band member Nakamaru Yuichi & NEWS's Masuda's brand new drama of the same name which will begin to air this coming Sat .

I'm very excited about the guys's new single release if you ask me being a huge KAT-TUN fan & all although I just realised that on the week they're releasing RESCUE , the week before that , it's their fellow colleagues's ARASHI's 25th single release Believe / Kumori Nochi , Kaisei .

Concidence ? I think not & ok I just realised a creepy thing of sorts . Both ONE DROP & RESCUE's release dates are exactly on the same date , ie. 11th Feb & 11th March .

Deja vu much ?

Now what's KAT-TUN's missing out right now's a 4th album & their overall 3rd original album release in which I have a feeling that might hit me sooner or later .

RESCUE is scheduled for a 11th March release so be sure to get a copy or 2 or 3 when it's out :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

KinKi Kids - Yakusoku (Promise)

Yakusoku (Promise) is KinKi Kids's 28th single release . This will be released exactly in a week's time & it's their 1st single release of 2009 .

This comes in almost 4 months+ since their last single release , the awesome Secret Code .

YesAsia describes Yakusoku as "the emotional turmoil of a guy after losing the love of his life" .

KinKi Kids's music's like old vintage wine in that they gets better as they keep releasing new material & I think that speaks for Yakusoku pretty much so .

The song on 1st listen reminded me of their previous hits music wise such as Velvet no Yami & a less depressing version of Harmony of December in which both songs that I mentioned are fantastic .

This's yet another great ballad that the guys have delivered & I just adore the way Koichi & Tsuyoshi were able to harmonise very well together .

Yume ha Jimehana (Dream Beginning Flower) , Loving (only available in the regular edition) & Tabidachi no Hi [Sunday's Road] (only available in the limited edition) will serve as B-sides in the single .

Koda Kumi - Your Love

Your Love is found as track #4 in Koda Kumi's upcoming 7th album TRICK which's set to drop exactly a week's time from today .

Being sandwiched in between show girl & stay with me , it's kinda no surprises that Your Love falls into the mid tempo ballad category in order for the sound transition for both songs to take place smoothly .

My 1st impression of Your Love's that it reminded me a little bit of Always which's found as the B-side of TABOO . I'm not sure why but it's probably because both songs are similar in terms of music structure except Your Love's a bit more mid tempo than Always .

To sum it up , it's a sweet song basically & it's no doubt a grower that seems to get catchy as each listen goes by .

Monday, January 19, 2009

Aoyama Thelma - Suki Desu. (I Like.)

Suki Desu. (I Like.) is found as track #5 in Aoyama Thelma's upcoming 2nd album release titled LOVE ! .

LOVE ! is scheduled for a 11th Feb release & both the CD and CD + DVD's editions have the same album covers .

With a song title like Suki Desu. , it's kinda like a no brainer that this's yet another ballad delivered by Aoyama . I'm beginning to miss the days when she 1st released her debut single ONE WAY which's a great upbeat no. & the B-side GOOD TIME's awesome & extremely upbeat/infectious too .

It seems to me that she has stopped doing so after she released Soba ni Irune onwards which in a way it's quite a pity as I feel she sounds great doing upbeat no.s just like well as in her mid tempo/ballads no.s .

I just hope there're bound to be a few uptempo no.s in LOVE ! when it's out in due time or else it's not going to be nice to slot Aoyama in the pigeonhole of artistes who kept on putting out R&B mid tempo/ballads 1 after another .

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The SHIGOTONIN - Kyoka Suigetsu (Mirror Flower Water Moon)

CD Only Cover :

CD + DVD Cover :

Kyoka Suigetsu (Mirror Flower Water Moon) is The SHIGOTONIN's 1st & possibly last single which's scheduled for a 4th Feb release . The main A-side is used as the theme song for the drama Hissatsu Shigotonin 2009 .

After Shuuji to Akira , Hey ! Say ! 7 & Teogmass , in comes Johnny & Associates latest temporary unit The SHIGOTONIN which consists of 3 people namely Shonentai's Noriyuki Higashiyama , TOKIO's Masahiro Matsuoka & Kanjani∞'s Okura Tadayoshi .

I frankly didn't know what to expect when I 1st heard Kyoka Suigetsu but I must admit that it's 1 of the more unusual Johnny's songs that I came upon in recent times simply because of the music & the way all 3 guys from different Johnny's groups banding together to create a rather distinct & unique sound with regards to the main A-side & it's a pretty good melancholic no. for that matter .

Namida Karerumad (Til Tears Would Be Shed Totally) will served as the B-side for the single .

ARASHI - Believe

Believe is the 1st A-side of ARASHI's 25th single with the other 2nd A-side being Kumori Nochi , Kaisei (After Sunny , Sunny) which's group leader Ohno Satoshi's solo song which's used for promotion for his 2nd drama Uta no Oniisan .

The 1st A-side serves as the main theme song for the movie Yatterman starring Sakurai Sho & recently the full version of Believe has surfaced on the net , after Matsumoto Jun played it on his radio show Jun Style .

My 1st impression of the song after hearing the radio rip of Believe ? it's very catchy & it has an infectious beat . 1 thing I realise's that the chorus for Believe is strong & not to mention , it's very uplifting & sounds positive which reminded me of their other songs which fall in the same vein like Happiness , Kitto Daijoubu & We can make it !

The Sakurap that's going on Believe is just awesome & takes the song to a whole new level which gives the song the edge it needed although I realise the ending sounded a bit distorted which I'm not sure whether was it done on purpose or not .

Regardless of which , this's yet another neat song delivered from ARASHI & I can't wait to hear the full version of Ohno's Kumori Nochi , Kaisei and the bonus track which's currently untitled which only will be available in the CD only edition of the guys's brand new single .

Saturday, January 17, 2009

BREAKERZ - GRAND FINALE Single Tracklist Details

Tracklist :

2) Smile in Tears 
3) Dandelion ~Acoustic Version~

GRAND FINALE is BREAKERZ's upcoming 4th single release & their 1st single release for 2009 .

CDJapan describes the main track that's based on the theme of "graduation" .

This's also the 1st single of the trio after 3 months+ of releasing their 3rd album , the fantastic BIG BANG ! & not to mention GRAND FINALE for once it's not a double a-side single release of the guys since they put out 3 double a-sides back to back when they began releasing singles last July .

So instead of a nightmare-ish 4 different editions of the same single & that applies for BIG BANG ! too , GRAND FINALE will be released in 3 editions , a CD only & 2 CD + DVD's with the DVD contents for both CD + DVD's will be different in that the 1st DVD will contains the video for GRAND FINALE while the 2nd CD + DVD's in store will contains a live performance of the A-side so this should be pretty something . (not to mention another sly way for ZAIN RECORDS to tempt me to buy all 3 editions which I wouldn't do so at all) .

Their official website has updated a new pic of the trio & also the tracklist for GRAND FINALE . I must admit I was very worried when I 1st found out that the guys are releasing a single being titled as such as thoughts of the band breaking up & etc did came into my mind *touchwood* but after I found out CDJapan describing the song as such , that heaves a sigh of relief on my part .

I'm not really sure how will GRAND FINALE will sound like , maybe it might be something like GReeeeN's Tabidachi in terms of the style since both songs have more or less the same similar concept in the form of graduation although I must add that I love the title of their B-side Smile in Tears .

Lastly , I'm so happy to see an acoustic take on Dandelion rounding off the list in which it was originally found as track #4 in their 2nd album CRASH & BUILD in which I love it on 1st listen so naturally I can't wait to hear an acoustic version of it as such .

Single writing , composing & arrangement credits for GRAND FINALE :


Lyrics & Music : DAIGO
Arrangement : BREAKERZ

2) Smile in Tears

Lyrics & Music : AKIHIDE
Arrangement : BREAKERZ

3) Dandelion ~Acoustic Version~

Lyrics & Music : DAIGO

GRAND FINALE is scheduled for a 18th Feb release so be sure to get a copy or 2 or 3 when it's out . I know I will to support 1 of my fave rock bands to have emerged in recent times .

abingdon boys school - STRENGTH.

STRENGTH. is abingdon boys school's 5th single which's set to be released on 25th next month .

It will served as the outro theme song for the anime Soul Eater & this single release comes in a year & 2 months later after their last single release BLADE CHORD .

OH MY GOD , you have no damn idea how long I have been waiting for these guys to release new material for the longest time ever . (& I thought waiting for almost a year for KinKi Kids to release Secret Code after Eien ni last year was BAD :O )

Other than their 1st DVD release abingdon boys school JAPAN TOUR 2008 which was put out last year , they never release a single thing in the music front which really worried me until news surfaced last month that they're finally coming back which's a big HURRAH !

So the question's was STRENGTH. worth the 14 months wait ? You bet ! It's classic abs & it's basically what they do best although frankly it can't match up to the brilliance that's of BLADE CHORD but still STRENGTH. is quite a fitting comeback for the quartet .

Freedom will serve as the B-side to STRENGTH. . Too bad JAP's not the chosen B-side as I thought the guys might include it in the single , maybe it might be included in their future 2nd album ? I do hope so & welcome back guys , it has been waaay too long !

Friday, January 16, 2009

ARASHI - Believe / Kumori Nochi , Kaisei (After Sunny , Sunny) Single Details

Preorder The Regular Edition

Believe / Kumori Nochi , Kaisei(After Sunny , Sunny) is ARASHI's 25th single . This's scheduled to be released on 4th March & it's the guys's 1st single release of 2009 .

Believe serves as the theme song for the movie Yatterman starring Sakurai Sho & Kumori Nochi , Kaisei is a solo song sung by group leader Ohno Satoshi for promotion for his new drama Uta no Oniisan which will start airing tonight & this's the 1st time a Johnny's band has come up with the concept of using a group member's solo song as an A side single release alongside with a group single as the 1st A-side which's an interesting concept .

This's also their 5th double A-side single , after the fantastic & possibly the single of 2008 , truth / Kaze no Mukou e (it wasn't named as the top selling single in Japan for nothing to begin with) .

The guys's new single will be released in the same format as truth / Kaze no Mukou e where both A-sides will receive PVs of its own in 2 limited CD + DVD's editions (where both A-sides are interchangeable) & a CD only edition where a bonus track that's so far untitled is included & excluded from the CD + DVDs versions .

No doubt 2008 has been an incredible year for the guys & there's probably no stopping them this year especially since it's the band's 10th anniversary which's coming up in the later part of 2009 .

The thing that's unusual about this single release is the fact that Ohno's solo song will be released as a single alongside with Believe .

I have seen other Johnny's solo songs being included as B-sides in their single but never before as an A-side single release .

With that said , Believe / Kumori Nochi , Kaisei will be out in stores on 4th March & be sure to get a copy or 2 or 3 when it's released in due time !

Thursday, January 15, 2009

BoA - Eien Single Covers

CD Only Cover :

CD + DVD Cover :

Promo Pic :

1st of all before I go on any further , no I don't listen to BoA but I can't help but to post the single & promo pics for her upcoming 27th Japanese single Eien as they're just too pretty for words .

If not for the promo pic , I would say that my fave cover between the 2 definitely has to be the CD only cover . There's just something about side view pics that I really like & a simple black hat's all it needs to give an already beautiful cover the edge it needed .

Her new single's scheduled to be released on 18th next month & if you're a BoA fan , go & support her when her new single's out , ok ?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


JUST THE WAY YOU ARE serves as track 12 in Koda Kumi's upcoming 7th album TRICK which will be out in exactly 2 weeks's time from today .

This's also the 2nd album track that will be receiving a music video of its own , the 1st being the fantastic & very entertaining/energetic show girl .

A radio rip of JUST THE WAY YOU ARE surfaced on the net already & 1st impression of the song ? it's well cute & pretty . It's more or less a typical cutesy Koda fare & frankly I didn't know what to expect before I heard the song .

The only grouse about JUST THE WAY YOU ARE is that the chorus tend to get repetitive but other than that , it's a good no. & it'll be interesting to see how the video will gel together with the song .

Monday, January 12, 2009

KAT-TUN - On My Mind (ONE DROP's B-side)

On My Mind is the 2nd B-side of KAT-TUN's 9th single ONE DROP . This's only available in the CD only limited edition of the single .

This's also the final piece of the ONE DROP single puzzle to have been leaked out as it did so yesterday in a rather low quality format so basically the whole single's already up for download on the net despite the fact that it only will be released officially next month on the 11th .

After the fast paced rock charged no.s ONE DROP & D-T-S , the guys have decided to slow things down quite a lot in On My Mind & I must say that I wasn't really expecting much when I 1st heard On My Mind but I really like it on 1st listen .

It's probably 1 of the more slower B-sides that the guys have came up in recent times & it's even more slower than I'll be with you , Crazy Love & Your side .

I like that the whole package of On My Mind is so simple & straight to the point & it's overall a nice slow jam R&B influenced tune .

ONE DROP has shaped up to be yet another fantastic single of KAT-TUN . Now what's left is to wait for the covers of the single & the music video of ONE DROP to be up & running & of course a much higher quality version of the overall single package .

& speaking of which , de facto leader Kamenashi Kazuya's new drama Kami no Shizuku is set to drop tomorrow night so be sure to watch it on the net when it's up !

Sunday, January 11, 2009

KAT-TUN - D-T-S (ONE DROP's B-side)

D-T-S is the 1st B-side taken from KAT-TUN's upcoming 9th single ONE DROP which's well set to drop next month on 11th . The song's used to promote in the TV ads of Lotte's "Plus X" .

Just earlier on , a rather low quality of the song has finally surfaced & verdict ? I like it , it's pretty much a standard KAT-TUN rock fare tune & the melody's relatively catchy & unlike ONE DROP , Tanaka's rapping is a bit more prominent in D-T-S .

A 2nd B-side On My Mind will only available in the 1st press CD only of ONE DROP .

& apparently , D-T-S which originally stands for Dead to Sense , has been now changed to Death to Shame .

Spontania Feat Yuna Ito - Ima Demo Zutto (Still , For A Long Time)

Ima Demo Zutto (Still , For A Long Time) is the duo Spontania's 11th single release . Their new single will be released this month on the 28th & it's their 1st single release of 2009 .

Their new song features the vocals of Yuna Ito where she sings the chorus & verses of Ima Demo Zutto .

Man it has been a while since I last heard a really depressing ballad & in comes Ima Demo Zutto & it doesn't help matters with regards to the video which portrayed the sadness of the tune but having said that this's 1 really good song & I also like the way that Yuna was able to harmonise real well with Spontania which consists of Massattack & Tarantula .

This's so far 1 of my fave collaborations of the year & I look forward to more good ones in due time .

alan - Gunjou no Tani (Ultramarine Valley)

Cover For Both CD Only & CD + DVD editions :

Gunjou no Tani (Ultramarine Valley) is alan's 8th single which's set to be released next month on the 4th . This's her last single release before her debut Japanese album will finally hit stores on 4th March .

It's described as a folk mid-tempo song and it was written & composed by singer Cocco .

Wow what can I say ? I was really blown away the very 1st time I heard Gunjou no Tani . I just like how epic sounding alan's new song sounds & for once there're no signs of her signature yodelling even though there was a tiny bit of it but still I feel this has to be 1 of her best works that she has put out in recent times .

The melody/hook is just infectious & it puts a spin to an otherwise traditional folk sounding tune which's awesome & the video also does justice to Gunjou no Tani as it was shot in Sichuan , China & it just completes the whole package extremely nicely .

alan's finally going to release her debut Japanese album on 4th March , exactly a month later after the release of Gunjou no Tani & I really cannot wait for that to happen .

Saturday, January 10, 2009


ONE DROP is KAT-TUN's 9th single which is set to be released next month on the 11th & this's their 1st single release of 2009 .

The brand new single comes in almost 2 months + since the last single release of theirs , the beautiful White X'mas & ONE DROP will serve as the theme song to the drama Kami no Shizuku which de facto leader Kamenashi Kazuya will be playing the lead role in this manga adaption drama .

Last night , the full length of ONE DROP was aired on Kame's radio show Kamenashi Kazuya Kase by Kase .

After releasing the emotional driven ballad White X'mas , KAT-TUN is back to their rock roots & after hearing a rather low quality radio rip of ONE DROP , my 1st impression of it ? It sounds like a slightly harder rock sounding version of their 4th single Yorokobi no Uta .

ONE DROP doesn't sound as hard rock as their previous singles Keep the faith & LIPS but this's still good for me & it's a really catchy piece of song & they do what they does best .

D-T-S & On My Mind (which only will be available in the 1st press CD only edition) will serve as B-sides in ONE DROP .

Friday, January 09, 2009

Utada - Come Back To Me

Come Back To Me is Utada Hikaru's 1st full Eng single that will be taken from her upcoming 2nd full Eng album which's currently still yet untitled .

Unlike in Japan where her Japanese works are released under the name Utada Hikaru , her English works are released under her surname Utada & her upcoming new Eng album comes in almost 5 years since her debut Eng album Exodus .

Not to mention her Japanese works are produced under Toshiba EMI while her Eng works are produced under Island Records/Def Jam .

Her new Eng album will have 2 different release dates . It will be released early in Japan on 4th March & the US release date for it is 24th March .

Man all I can say's that it's already extremely long overdue on Utada's part to put out a full Eng song & initially I thought it might be a cover of Vanessa Hudgens's but thankfully it's not the case .

The style of Come Back To Me is quite a generic R&B mid tempo ballad & it's easy listening & pleasantly sounding to the ears although people have mixed feelings over it saying that it's too simple/similar to her Japanese works/boring & what's not .

Personally I like it as it's pretty much on what Utada does & at least it's not sexually suggestive as some of the songs found on Exodus which's already good .

I look forward to the release of her upcoming 2nd album in due time .

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Koda Kumi - Bling Bling Bling Feat AK-69 & Joyful

Bling Bling Bling Feat AK-69 & Joyful serve as tracks #8 & #13 in Koda Kumi's 7th album TRICK & most recently just like show girl & Driving which I reviewed/talked about a few days ago , radio rips of Bling Bling Bling & Joyful have been out already .

Ok my 1st impression when I heard Bling Bling Bling was that it sounded way too similar to Fergie's London Bridge especially with regards to the melody & the chorus of the song but unlike London Bridge which I find it extremely tacky on whole be it music , lyrics & video , I don't mind listening to Bling Bling Bling & I guess Koda's probably taking inspiration from Fergie since they did That Ain't Cool together .

In the case of Joyful , it's a typical happy go lucky Koda song which straightaway you might draw comparisons to other songs in the same vein as Joyful such as WIND , girls & probably Lady Go ! but unlike those songs that I mentioned , what sets Joyful apart from the pack's the rather strong guitar backing pertaining to the melody which I guess it's cool although I can't help but wonder if Joyful's somewhat Christmas inspired because of the title .

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Takizawa Hideaki - Ai Kakumei (Love Revolution)

CD Only Cover :

CD + DVD Cover :

Tracklist :

1) Ai Kakumei (Love Revolution)
3) Home Party !! Feat Yamashita Tomohisa , Yokoyama You & Murakumi Shingo (CD Only Track)
4) Ai Kakumei (Karaoke)
5) WITH LOVE (Karaoke)
6) Home Party !! (Karaoke)

Ai Kakumei (Love Revolution) is Takizawa Hideaki's debut solo single which was released officially today . The A-side is used as the theme song for his musical titled Takizawa Kakumei .

Takizawa is of course best known as Tackey who's 1 1/2 of the duo Tackey & Tsubasa and this's officially his debut solo single . Even though he has done some solo stuff before the formation of Tackey & Tsubasa , they weren't released as official single material prior to Ai Kakumei .

I find Ai Kakumei very likable on 1st listen & not to mention Tackey's responsible for writing the lyrics to the song which's commendable . As for the music , it's kinda like a throwback & a mash up of classicial & spanish influences (think Maksim cum Seishun Amigo / Mayanoka no Shadow Boy) . It might sound like a weird concoction but it actually works in Tackey's favor .

I should add that Tackey composed the melody of Ai Kakumei together with Mark Davis .

WITH LOVE is the 1st B-side & this's 1 really fantastic ballad which's a perfect contrast to the classical spanish influenced upbeat no. that's of Ai Kakumei & I personally feel outta the 3 songs , this has to be the best song found in the single as I was really blown away the very 1st time when I 1st heard this .

Home Party !! is only found in the CD only edition of the single & this song features the vocals of 3 of his juniors namely NEWS's Yamashita Tomohisa (Yamapi) & Kanjani∞'s Yokoyama You & Murakumi Shingo . OK personally I only find this song a-ok & surprisingly it's nothing outstanding & it kinda reminded me some of Tackey & Tsubasa's upbeat & otherwise bland songs like PROGRESS .

I felt the song is something that Kanjani∞ might come up with especially since in the latter part of the song , Yokoyama & Murakumi were saying things prior to the end of the song .

The overall feel of Tackey's debut solo single is that I enjoyed the single which was a pleasant surprise because prior to the release of Ai Kakumei , I had no idea what to expect of his solo material especially since I was so used to the material that he did with Tsubasa in Tackey & Tsubasa but in Ai Kakumei , Tackey has proven that he was able to deliver quite a worthy debut solo single with ease .

& speaking of the duo , I really hope that they can release something in due time .

GReeeeN - Ayumi (Milestones)

Cover For Both CD Only & CD + DVD Editions :

Ayumi (Milestones) is GReeeeN's upcoming 9th single which's set to be released in exactly 3 weeks time from now . This comes in almost a month or so since their last single release Tobira (Door) & Ayumi is the group's 1st single release for 2009 .

Well all I can say that this song is pretty much on what you will expect when comes to the type of music that GReeeeN delivers . But what set Ayumi apart from their previous single releases is that they employ the use of a violin at the beginning of the song & also as the backdrop of the tune too .

The song's classic GReeeeN & it's an extremely catchy/infectious no. in which I find myself humming alongside with the song as each listen goes by which's great .

Ano Koro Kara (Since That) will serve as the B-side in the Ayumi single .

Monday, January 05, 2009

alan - Gunjou no Tani (Ultramarine Valley) Single Details

Cover For Both CD Only & CD + DVD editions :

CD Tracklist :

1) Gunjou no Tani (Ultramarine Valley)
2) Gunjou no Tani Acoustic Ver.
3) Gunjou no Tani(Instrumental)
4) Gunjou no Tani Acoustic Ver. (Instrumental)

DVD Tracklist :

1) Gunjou no Tani PV

alan will be releasing her brand new Japanese single titled Gunjou no Tani (Ultramarine Valley) next month on the 4th & just today the cover for the single has been released via her official Japanese site & for the 1st time in her Japanese music career , the same covers are being used for both CD & CD + DVD editions of Gunjou no Tani .

Also there're no B-sides in Gunjou no Tani except for an acoustic take of the A-side .

I like the cover it's so pretty & for once she didn't close/open her eyes like her previous covers . Frankly I'm not sure how the song's going to sound like although I have a feeling it might be a ballad but I guess in due time , preview & PV of the song will surface at a much later date prior to the official release date of the single .

Just like Hey ! Say ! JUMP , alan is also extremely long overdue to put out her 1st debut Japanese album & rumours are going on that she FINALLY be releasing her debut album on 4th March !

I'm not sure whether is it true or not , only time will tell but until then I can't wait for Gunjou no Tani to be released real soon !

Sunday, January 04, 2009

ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 -10th Anniversary- Live in TAIPEI DVD Details

Tracklist :

Disc 1 ::
0) reBiRTH
1) The Judgement Day
2) talkin' 2 myself
3) A Song for ××
4) Depend on you
5) Fly high
6) (don't) Leave me alone
7) decision
8) my name's WOMEN
9) Marionette -prelude-
10) Marionette
12) End roll
13) tasking
14) SURREAL~evolution~SURREAL
15) Mirrorcle World

Disc 2 (encore) ::
16) Dearest
17) Voyage
18) Humming 7/4
19) Boys & Girls
20) MY ALL

Disc 3 ::
MC footage from 32 performances , screen video footage plus additional video clips

Just today the cover for ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 -10th Anniversary- Live in TAIPEI DVD has been released via her official website & I can't really say that I like the cover , it's not nice but not bad . Guess my stand on it is that it's neutral I suppose .

& it will be released in a whopping disc 3 combo set & it comes in a deluxe edition cover case too .

She celebrated her 10th anniversary on the music scene in style last year , launching a mammoth concert that took her to places all over Asia . Besides pleasing her Japanese fans in major cities including Tokyo , Nagoya & Hiroshima , the diva also rocked audiences in Hong Kong , Shanghai & Taipei .

Her tour started on April 5th at the Yoyogi Sports Stadium , and ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 -10th Anniversary- recorded the final leg of the tour at the Taipei Arena on November 2nd . Impressing the masses with a grand stage featuring a giant-sized ship as set decoration .

I must say that I'm real pleased with the way the tracklist turns out to be especially since she did a lot of songs from her GUILTY album with the exception of the song that has the same title as the album which surprisingly didn't made the cut which disappointed me slightly as that's my fave album tracks on GUILTY & also Together When ... is absent too which's quite a pity as well .

Also at least this time round she included a few songs that she normally doesn't do live often such as my name's WOMEN , Fly high & Depend on you . Even though her encore songlist more or less contains the staples songs like Boys & Girls , Humming 7/4 , it's great that she did Voyage , Dearest & also MY ALL to close things off

ayumi hamasaki ASIA TOUR 2008 -10th Anniversary- Live in TAIPEI DVD is expected to be released on Jan 28th so be sure to get a copy in due time when it's out !

Friday, January 02, 2009

CD Review :: Aoyama Thelma - DIARY

CD Only Cover :

CD + DVD Cover :

Tracklist :

1) My Beginning
2) Soba ni Iru ne (I'm By Your Side) Feat SoulJa
4) My dear friend
5) Last Letter
6) Rhythm
9) Paradise
10) This Day Feat Dohzi-T
11) Kono Mama de (Like This)
12) Anata ni Aete Yokatta (It Was Nice Knowing You)
13) Mama e (To Mom)

DIARY is Aoyama Thelma's debut album . It was released last year on March 26th .

2 singles & 3 B-sides are included in DIARY which leaves a total of 8 album tracks excluding My Beginning as that's only a 32 secs introduction .

After a 32 secs introduction My Beginning , Aoyama dived straight into her 2nd single Soba ni Iru ne (I'm By Your Side) feat rapper SoulJa & this's also so far her biggest hit , best selling & 1st #1 single of her music career . Not to mention the single was Japan's best selling female solo single & the 7th most sold single of 2008 .

It is a response song to her previous collaboration with SoulJa , Koko ni Iru yo . In September 2008 , the Guinness World Records certified the song as the best selling download single in Japan & it was also the best-selling download single on the iTunes Store 2008 yearly charts in Japan .

I guess you can say that Soba ni Iru ne is a sleeper hit in that nobody expected the song to have achieved a great deal of success & the song itself is cool too although I feel it probably might sound a bit better without SoulJa .

ONE WAY is Aoyama's debut single & this's 1 really funky R&B upbeat no. that I really adore . It's very catchy/infectious on 1st listen & I just like how this song sounds as each listen goes by .

My dear friend is the 1st B-side found on Aoyama's Soba ni Iru ne single & this is so far the only B-side which received a music video of its own . It's a mid-tempo R&B no. that's pleasant to the listening ears .

The same thing goes for the next track Last Letter although I had a bit of a difficulty telling both tracks apart from each other as they both tend to sound similar to a certain extent .

Likewise , Rhythm also falls in the mid-tempo R&B no. trap so basically you have 3 tracks that're in the same music bandwagon .

The original GOOD TIME was 1st found as the B-side in Aoyama's ONE WAY single & in DIARY , you get the remix of the song featuring YA-KYIM's MIKU . I never heard how the original take of the song sounds but I really like the remix of GOOD TIME . It sounds really funky & very uplifting .

HIGHER is 1 of my fave album tracks simply because it's just as upbeat & boosts positive R&B beats which naturally will led you to have a really well high & positive pumped up mood . Definitely 1 of the star tracks in DIARY for sure .

Paradise is a R&B mid tempo no. but unlike My dear friend , Last Letter & Rhythm , Paradise's more memorable than the 3 above mentioned tracks & I actually like this song .

This Day feat Dohzi-T is the 2nd B-side in Aoyama's Soba ni Iru ne single & this's a really cool song & I frankly am pleased that she decided to include this tune in DIARY because 1st of all , it's an unusual no. in that it's a R&B Christmas inspired like song which's weird as you don't often get such songs , let alone Christmas inspired like tunes . It's an unusual combination but it strangely works in Aoyama's favor .

Kono Mama de (Like This) is a piano driven ballad & it's 1 of the few songs in DIARY that does not follow a pure R&B music style . Kono Mama de is probably 1 of my fave songs in DIARY as it's not often you get such a simple , straight to the point ballad that sounds earnest & sincere .

Anata ni Aete Yokatta (It Was Nice Knowing You) is also another ballad but unlike Kono Mama de where it's piano driven , Anata ni Aete Yokatta is a song that has an acoustic guitar melody . Both songs are simple in terms of the music structure but they're memorable in their own right .

Mama he (To Mom) is yet another mid tempo R&B no. but the good thing about Mama he is that I like the lyrics that Aoyama sung with regards to the song & it's kinda no surprises that she's singing this no. in dedication to her mum which's cool .

DIARY is the same title that's of the album & it's the final track before wrapping things up . Frankly I don't really find this song to be that memorable & that it's somewhat the weak link in the album . But I must admit it gets better & a bit memorable as each listen goes by .

Aoyama's debut album offering is certainly promising but 1 of the major gripes that I have for DIARY is that she should have spread out the ballads & mid tempo songs evenly instead of lumping all together at 1 spot which kinda caused the songs to melt together into 1 .

Aside from the sound consistency that I have with DIARY , the album's pretty much solid in its own right . I personally find Aoyama to be brewing with plenty of potential & I do hope that she continues to deliver the goods in 2009 with her own brand of upbeat R&B no.s & ballads thrown in for good measures .

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ken Hirai - Moon River

Moon River is a new song sung by Ken Hirai in which it will be used as the theme song for the Japanese remake of the movie/documentary In The Shadow Of The Moon .

The Japanese take of the documentary will be opened on 16th this month (
In The Shadow Of The Moon) .

Wow all I can say that it's about time that Ken returns back with some new material as he has been relatively quiet in 2008 after he released his 7th album FAKIN' POP so it was so good to hear Moon River & all I can say's that it's classic Ken & the song's sung by him in full Eng .

His Eng dictation's surprisingly real easy to understand in this slow no. & honestly he should have put out a full Eng album long time ago as I'm quite sure the concept will work in his favor .

There's no word on whether Moon River will be released as his new single as of now but I'm crossing fingers more details of it will surface later on in due time .

By the way the original Moon River was written by Johnny Mercer & composed by Henry Mancini in 1961 . The original artiste who sang the original take of the song was Audrey Hepburn .

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# Acid Black Cherry - Acid BLOOD Cherry


# Mika Nakashima - TOUGH


# Koda Kumi - W FACE ~inside~ & W FACE ~outside~

# GRANRODEO - Karma to Labyrinth

# GRANRODEO - Pierrot Dancin'

# Hilcrhyme - SIDE BY SIDE

# Kanon Wakeshima - luminescence Q.E.D

# ARASHI - Are You Happy?

# Mao from SID - Maison de M EP

# Hey ! Say ! JUMP - DEAR.

# Ken Hirai - THE STILL LIFE

# BENI - Shiki Uta summer

# Kis-My-Ft2 - I SCREAM

# ayumi hamasaki - M(A)DE IN JAPAN


# Aoyama Thelma - PINK TEARS EP

# Shota Shimizu - PROUD

# flumpool - EGG



# BENI - Undress

# SPYAIR - 4

# ARASHI - Japonism

# Aoyama Thelma - GRAY SMOKE EP

# ayumi hamasaki - sixxxxxx EP


# Domoto Koichi - Spiral

# Kis-My-Ft2 - KIS-MY-WORLD

# Hey ! Say ! JUMP - JUMPing CAR

# Namie Amuro - _genic

# ayaka - Rainbow Road


# ayumi hamasaki - A ONE

# Hilcrhyme - REVIVAL


# Koda Kumi - WALK OF MY LIFE

# B'z - EPIC DAY

# Acid Black Cherry - L

# Kanon Wakeshima - Tsukinami

# NEWS - White





# Anna Tsuchiya - LUCIFER EP

# Yamashita Tomohisa - YOU

# Aoyama Thelma - Lonely Angel

# Yamashita Tomohisa - Asobi EP

# Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-Journey

# ayumi hamasaki - Colours

# KAT-TUN - come Here

# Hey ! Say ! JUMP - smart

# Fukuyama Masaharu - HUMAN

# Miliyah Kato x Shota Shimizu - THE BEST

# JASMINE - Welcome to Jas Vegas


# Shota Shimizu - ENCORE

# Hilcrhyme - FIVE ZERO ONE


# Koda Kumi - Bon Voyage

# Tegomass - Tegomass no Seishun


# KAT-TUN - Kusabi -kusabi- EP


# Yamashita Tomohisa - A NUDE

# Matsushita Yuya - #musicoverdose

# JASMINE - Complexxx


# BENI - Red



# Namie Amuro - FEEL

# AKIHIDE - Amber

# Kis-My-Ft2 - Good Ikuze !

# girl next door - Life of Sound

# V6 - Oh ! My ! Goodness !

# ayumi hamasaki - LOVE again

# Mika Nakashima - REAL

# flumpool - experience

# ayumi hamasaki - again EP

# Hilcrhyme - LIKE A NOVEL

# ayumi hamasaki - LOVE EP

# ARASHI - Popcorn

# Domoto Koichi - Gravity

# SPYAIR - Just Do It

# SID - M&W

# Yamashita Tomohisa - Ero

# Namie Amuro - Uncontrolled

# Hey ! Say ! JUMP - JUMP WORLD

# Kis-My-Ft2 - Kis-My-1st

# Acid Black Cherry - 『2012』

# Shota Shimizu - Naturally

# ayumi hamasaki - Party Queen

# Matsushita Yuya - 2U


# Kuroki Meisa - UNLOCKED

# L'Arc~en~Ciel - BUTTERFLY

# ayaka - The beginning

# Koda Kumi - JAPONESQUE

# Kuriyama Chiaki - CIRCUS Deluxe Edition

# girl next door - Agaruneku !

# Hilcrhyme - RISING

# ON/OFF - Legend Of Twins II -Zoku Futago Densetsu-

# BENI - Fortune


# Saito Kazuyoshi - 45 STONES

# Tegomass - Tegomass no Mahou

# SPYAIR - Rockin' the World


# ayumi hamasaki - FIVE EP

# B'z - C'mon

# School Food Punishment - Prog-Roid

# ARASHI - Beautiful World

# Aoyama Thelma - WILL


# GIRL NEXT DOOR - Destination

# Tackey & Tsubasa - TRIP & TREASURE EP

# Shota Shimizu - COLORS

# Koda Kumi - Dejavu

# SID - dead stock

# flumpool - Fantasia of Life Stripe

# Yamashita Tomohisa - SUPERGOOD , SUPERBAD

# Kuroki Meisa - MAGAZINE

# ayumi hamasaki - Love songs

# BENI - Jewel

# Hilcrhyme - MESSAGE

# Saito Kazuyoshi - ARE YOU READY ?

# Mika Nakashima - STAR

# Kanjani∞ - 8UPPERS (Pacchi Uppers)


# Anna Tsuchiya - RULE



# Domoto Koichi - BPM

# Aoyama Thelma - LOVE ! 2

# Hilcrhyme - Recital

# ARASHI - Boku no Miteiru Fukei

# Kanon Wakeshima - Shoujo Shikake no Libretto ~LOLITAWORK LIBRETTO~


# Hey ! Say ! JUMP - JUMP NO.1


# BENI - Lovebox

# Matsushita Yuya - I AM ME

# Acid Black Cherry - Q.E.D.

# Acid Black Cherry - BLACK LIST

# school food punishment - amp-reflection

# Tegomass - Tegomass no Ai EP


# ayumi hamasaki - Rock'n'Roll Circus

# V6 - READY ?


# DAIGO☆STARDUST - The space toy

# Shota Shimizu - Journey

# Koda Kumi - UNIVERSE

# NEVER LAND - Beautiful Days EP

# abingdon boys school - ABINGDON ROAD

# BENI - Bitter & Sweet


# LANDS - Olympos EP

# flumpool - What's flumpool !?

# Kuroki Meisa - ATTITUDE EP

# Yusuke - Ano .. Konnan Dekimashita Kedo.

# KinKi Kids - J album

# Namie Amuro - PAST < FUTURE


# alan - my life


# B'z - MAGIC


# Saito Kazuyoshi - Tsuki ga Noboreba

# Aoyama Thelma - Emotions

# SID - hikari

# Kobukuro - CALLING

# Domoto Koichi - mirror

# Tegomass - Tegomass no Uta

# ON / OFF - Legend Of Twins I -Futago Densetsu-

# Fukuyama Masaharu - Zankyou

# Kanon Wakeshima - Shinshoku Dolce

# GReeeeN - Shio , Koshou -SALT & PEPPER-

# flumpool - Unreal EP

# Yuna Ito - DREAM

# Kanjani∞ - PUZZLE

# KAT-TUN - Break the Records -by you & for you-

# Kuroki Meisa - hellcat EP

# Kanjani∞ - KJ2 Zukkoke Daidassou

# ayumi hamasaki - NEXT LEVEL

# Utada Hikaru - DEEP RIVER

# Utada - This Is The One

# Kanjani∞ - KJ1 F·T·O

# ARASHI - Dream"A"Live

# Kanjani∞ - Kansha ni Eight EP

# alan - Voice of EARTH

# Aoyama Thelma - LOVE !

# Koda Kumi - TRICK

# Aoyama Thelma - DIARY





# GReeeeN - A , Domo. Ohisashiburi Desu


# GReeeeN - A , Domo. Hajimemashite


# ai otsuka - LOVE LETTER

# Mika Nakashima - VOICE


# NEWS - color

# Anna Tsuchiya - NUDY SHOW !

# Soundtrack Of High School Musical 3 : Senior Year

# L'Arc~en~Ciel - KISS

# BREAKERZ - Ao no Mirai EP

# ai otsuka - LOVE PUNCH

# ai otsuka - LOVE COOK

# ai otsuka - LOVE JAM

# KAT-TUN - cartoon KAT-TUN II You

# OLIVIA - Trinka Trinka EP

# NEWS - touch

# NEWS - pacific

# ARASHI - Iza , Now

# ARASHI - One

# NANA Triple Billing

# OLIVIA - The Cloudy Dreamer EP

# Anna Tsuchiya - strip me ?


# KAT-TUN - Best of KAT-TUN

# Anna Tsuchiya - Taste My Beat EP

# ARASHI - Time

# Electrico - We Satellites

# ayaka - Sing to the Sky

# ayaka - First Message


# Koda Kumi - BEST ~BOUNCE & LOVERS~

# Jesse McCartney - Departure

# The Veronicas - Hook Me Up

# Ken Hirai - LIFE is ...

# Ashlee Simpson - Bittersweet World

# Ken Hirai - gaining through losing

# Yuna Ito - HEART

# Utada Hikaru - HEART STATION

# Ken Hirai - FAKIN' POP

Yuna Ito - WISH

# Ken Hirai - SENTIMENTALovers

# Koda Kumi - Kingdom

# ayumi hamasaki - GUILTY

# ai otsuka - LOVE PiECE

# abingdon boys school - abingdon boys school

# ayumi hamasaki - I am ...

# ayumi hamasaki - RAINBOW

# The Great Spy Experiment - Flower Show Riots

# Koda Kumi - BEST ~second session~

# The Click Five - Modern Minds And Pastimes

# Soundtrack Of High School Musical 2

# Koda Kumi - Black Cherry

# Namie Amuro - PLAY

# Maroon 5 - It Wouldn't Be Soon Before Long

# ayumi hamasaki - Memorial address EP

# NANA starring Mika Nakashima - THE END

# Mika Nakashima - YES

# Jamie Michael - People Watching

# ayumi hamasaki - A BEST 2 -BLACK- & A BEST 2 -WHITE-

# ayumi hamasaki - (miss)understood

# ayumi hamasaki - Duty & MY STORY

# Muse - Blackholes And Relevations

# Utada Hikaru - ULTRA BLUE

# ayumi hamasaki - Secret

# Utada - Exodus

# Vanessa Hudgens - V

# The Veronicas - The Secret Life Of The Veronicas

# Jesse McCartney - Right Where You Want Me

# Maksim - Electrik

# McFly - Motion In The Ocean

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